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Wallboard Sales Department :
Wallboard Sales Department :
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Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. was established in March 2012, formerly known as "Zhejiang Huayuan Packing Co., Ltd." From April to July, it only took three months to complete the construction of the plant and equipment debugging. In July, the production line officially was put into operation.
In 2014, the company carried out the printing ink, finished cartons, and mahogany furniture packing project, thus becoming one of the largest printing and packaging companies in the middle and the south regions of Zhejiang.
In May 2015, the company successfully completed the shareholding system reform, and was officially renamed "Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd.”, a successful first step towards IPO.
In 2015, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Packaging Engineering Department of Zhejiang University to address technical support problems.
In 2016, the company participated in the development of the new-type honeycomb wall material national standard led by China Packaging Federation, and developed new-type building materials. The company’s new products Jianyi multifunctional light composite wallboards are featured by good sound insulation, good thermal insulation, high strength, low cost, quick assembly, fire and water resistance, and recyclability and other advantages, which can be widely used in building walls and interior decoration.

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