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Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. successfully developed new wall materialsnew wall materials-31325Z.COM-澳门永利赌场,【31325.COM】


A small-scale villa built with “honeycomb paperboard” only costs 30,000 yuan.
A small-scale villa built with “honeycomb paperboard” only costs 30,000 yuan. This sounds like a fairy tale, but it is true. Huayuan Group's Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. has recently developed a new-type wall material. A small-scale villa built with the type of product only costs 30,000 yuan. 

Is a 30,000-yuan villa believable?
Entering Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd., you will immediately see six beautiful villas, with doors, windows, fences and other necessities. At a glance, they do not look in any way different from villas in resorts.

"If I do not tell you, you will not know that these villas are made of the 'Honeycomb paperboards” made by our company. General Manager of Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd., Zhong Yunfang said. Knock on the walls with hand, you will find that the sound is different from those from common concrete walls. In order to have a more intuitive view of the internal structure of the wall, a wall section diagram is hung on the wall of a model room, on which you can clearly see the honeycomb paperboards inside the walls.

“The walls, floors and ceilings of these villas are made of multi-purpose light composite wallboards developed and produced by our company”, said Zhong Yunfang, The fillers of the walls are paperboards, which are covered by different materials, to ultimately form light wall bodies of different thicknesses.

The new-type wall materials developed by Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. can be used for building walls and interior decoration, with a fairly wide range of uses, and the prices are lower than traditional building materials. Take the model house for example. It has an area between 20-30 square meters, with simple interior decoration, and the cost of using versatile light composite wallboards is about 30,000 yuan.
“Houses made of this type of materials have light weight, which can be moved freely. The new material has been adopted by many domestic resorts and private estates”, said Zhong Yunfang.

Can people live in the houses made of “paper”?
Is it possible for people to live in "Honeycomb paperboard” buildings? The answer is yes. Entering a model, you will see the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and all other necessary facilities. Living in such houses is just the same as living in a villa.
“Probably people still worry about the anti-fire and anti-water performances of a house made of paper. Don’t worry, because this versatile light composite wall material is produced based on scientifically formulated materials, careful design and advanced production technologies”, said Zhong Yunfang.

Flame retardant is the greatest point of innovation of this type of boards. Tested by the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the product has a fire resistance of up to 1.83 hours, fire rating of Class A, which is in line with national requirements. In addition, the core material of the light wall body - the honeycomb paper core, has undergone the waterproof agent treatment, with strong water and water resistances, which are used as interior walls, and the bottom is equipped with a 100MM cement guide wall, to prevent flooding. Moreover, the multi-functional light composite wallboard also has light unit mass, high compressive strength, good insulation, high thermal insulation, simple construction, low comprehensive cost, excellent seismic performance and other advantages. To test the sound effect of a house built with “honeycomb paperboard”, the reporter shut himself in a model room, and he could barely hear the sound outside the room.

“The acoustic performance can meet the requirements for a professional recording studio and the insulation effect is particularly good. The temperature remains constant within three hours after the air conditioning works on heating mode or cooling mode”, said Zhong Yunfang. 
Are there people having really bought the new wall materials?
It is quite common to see houses built or renovated with the new wall materials abroad, and there are also precedents in China. The 88-story Shanghai World Trade Center and the Kunming airport both have used new wall materials in the construction. However, they were purchased from overseas which are very expensive.

In China, Honeycomb paperboards were introduced as early as in the late 1990s of last century from abroad, which have been widely used in packaging of electrical appliances and heavy machinery; however, no specialized production and promotion in the field of new wall materials had been seen in China yet.
Last year, Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. established based on the restructuring of Huayuan Packaging successfully developed a new multi-functional light composite wallboard product, and jointly designed and installed the first domestic functional light composite wallboard automated production line in cooperation with machinery manufacturers , which was officially put into operation in March this year.

"Multi-functional light composite wallboards can be used as either internal walls or external walls. They are now mainly used and promoted in interior decorations, and can be widely used in the partitions at schools, hospitals, high-rise buildings, offices and other public buildings”, said Zhong Yunfang.

At present, many hospitals and schools have signed agreement to purchase our multi-purpose light composite wallboards. A company in Jiangsu ordered tens of thousands of square meters of multi-purpose light composite wallboards; a company in Huzhou has ordered 50,000 square meters of wallboards worth of 10 million yuan. With the increased efforts in research and innovation and the maturity of product technology, new wall materials will soon enter millions of households. By then, the product will have accessed many construction and decoration dealers across the country, which can also be customized according to customer needs.

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