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Product Advantage

New composite wallboards have the following advantages:
1. Light weight: Jianyi light partition wallboard produced by Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. adopts light aggregate material as the main aggregate, with lighter weight; plus the 36% evacuation rate, it weighs 18kg per square meter; the weight of a 90mm wall is only 1/15 of the weight of brick walls, 1/8 of the weight of aerated block brick walls and 1/2 of the weight of light-steel gypsum boards; it can not only effectively reduce the weight of the building, but also reduce the investment in the foundation, while facilitating construction & transportation. The product allows manual handling and installation which doesn’t affect the simultaneous construction, with advantages of small amount of material transport, reduced building load, and lowered construction cost.
2. Good cost effectiveness: the price is lower than common materials for partition
3. Flexible space intervals: it is possible to separate according to the requirements of late-stage decorative design, which is not affected by the housing structure.
4. Increased area of space for use: the owner’s percentage of usable dwelling area is increased.
5. Large hanging load: single-point hanging force is 1000 Newtons. Kitchen cabinets, wall cupboards, high water tanks, plate-type radiators can all be hung up. Good sound insulation: it can insulate 36-56 dB sounds, which is an excellent building material with both good sound insulation and sound-absorbing effects.
6. Thermal insulation: light partition wallboard’s thermal conductivity is 0.12W / m.k which is only 1/10 (air-dry state) of concrete, to greatly reduce the frequency of using air conditioners. A wall board of 9cm thick can have the same efficiency as a brick wall of 24cm thick; the wallboard can meet the state standards without being attached with insulation materials, providing people with comfortable living environment.
7. Anti-fire performance: the light partition wallboard itself is inorganic, which is completely flame retardant, and does not produce any toxic gases. It is the ideal fireproof material, while providing certain fire fighting function to the structure. Take the 9cm wall board for example. The fire fighting capacity is up to 3 hours.
8. Good anti-seismic effect: the light partition wallboard has low elasticity modulus, which can absorb impacts quickly; the anti-seismic level is up to 8.
9. Convenient construction: because the light partition wallboard is of the plate type; because it adopts advanced scientific installation, there is no need to lace wires, build columns, add lintels to doors and windows, or add concrete blocks to door frames in the construction, which can solve the problems of cumbersome processes of bricks in the construction and save costs. It allows sawing, nailing, and drilling, facilitating the pre-burying of water and electricity pipes, installation of windows and doors and the processing of nodes; it features dry operation, assembly installation, standardized construction, reduced labor costs and increased efficiency of more than 4 times. The product does not require painting; the light wallboards, because of the high accuracy, do not need large amounts of cement mortar; therefore, the effects of saving raw materials, labor costs and construction time can be achieved.

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